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Zero Waste Challenge

How do you think you’d do trying to produce zero waste? Nauset Disposal challenges you to give it a try for three days to see just how little waste you can actually throw away. Here are some helpful tips to get started. Make sure you let us know how you do so we can share it with our other challengers!

1. Turn your trash can into a compost bin and turn your compost bin into a trash can. You’ll be encouraged to compost as much as possible and throw away as little as possible. Don’t have a compost bin? Visit our friends at True Value to see what they have in stock!

2. Welcome alternatives to disposables. Use reusable bags for your shopping and reusable rags for your kitchen. Swap sandwich bags with reusable containers.

3. Baking some fall goodies? When you’re done, open your oven up to cool it down while warming up your house.

4. Reuse single sided printed paper for lists and when buying new paper, choose recycled and packaged in paper.

Here’s a link to some additional tips: www.zerowastehome.com/about/tips/

Try out this recipe for a drain cleaner solution:
1/4 cup baking soda in your drain followed by 1/2 cup white vinegar