The Real Cost of Recycling






Many people believe that disposal of recycled materials is free. Unfortunately that is a misconception. There are many costs that are associated with recycling – increased costs are a result of contamination of material, the value of recovered waste products, and import/export regulations. 

Below, we’ve compiled a few resources to help inform you of the real cost of recycling.




The reality is that recycling is impacted by global economics, technological limitations, laws and consumer awareness. While recycling is something easy that everyone can do, we need to be educated about what we are disposing of – whether it’s trash or recycling – and why. Before you throw it in your recycling bin, consider 

First: REDUCE, Second: REUSE, Third: RECYCLE.

When we are making a purchasing decision, consider these questions: Do I need it? What kind of packaging does it come in? Can I buy it used? How can I reuse this item and/or the packaging? 

News & Events Tree-Cycle with Nauset Disposal

  Nauset Disposal is once again offering a Christmas Tree Recycling program to our customers this year. If you’re interested in having us pick up your tree after the holidays, please call our office at 508.255.1419 and we will add …

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– Trina Brown, Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank