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Sustainability at Home + Beyond

Environmental sustainability isn’t about living without luxuries, but being aware and knowledgeable about your consumption (material, energy, resource, and more) and reducing unnecessary waste. What can do you to be more sustainable at home and beyond? Check out these tips!

Get movin’ on your planting season. February is prime time to start planting some seeds indoors. Warm weather veggies – like tomatoes and peppers – are perfect to start this month. Other vegetables to start in February include lettuce, chard, and eggplant, as well as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

Resell or donate. With so many awesome thrift and consignment shops on Cape Cod, there’s no excuse to be tossing textiles in the trash. A few of our fav’s include AIM Thrift Shop, Cape & Islands Thrift Shop, Fecoa-Thrift Shop, Northside Methodist Thrift, Rainbows End Thrift Shop, Cape Abilities Consignment Shop, Consigning Women, The Hope Chest and Kidz Closet.

Be water wise. Any reusable bottle is WAY better than buying bottled water and throwing it away (or hopefully recycling it) when you’re done. Stainless steel bottles help you avoid BPA, don’t typically hold mold and bacteria, and keep liquids hot or cold longer. Be mindful of your water usage at home too — turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth and washing dishes, try to shorten your showers, and upgrade to energy-efficient appliances that use less H2O.

And of course, if you’re not recycling, please consider doing so. The accumulation of waste is a problem that affects the entire globe, not just Cape Cod. Waste contributes to global warming by emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, so the less we add to landfills, the less impact we have on our environment. Nauset Disposal’s Single Stream Recycling is an easy (and hassle-free) way for you to do your part. Our 64 GAL recycling toters are easy to maneuver and can collect all clean recyclable materials. No sorting numbered plastics, aluminum cans, and newspapers! Check out Nauset Disposal’s list of Recycle Do’s and Don’ts for more information.