Small Biz: Handling the Holidays Like a Boss

Business owners take note. These tips are some of the best we found to make sure YOU can be found too. Hopefully you’re doing most of this already, as the holiday shopping season is almost in full swing.
  1. Customers are online – and on their phones. You should be too! Make sure your website is optimized with a responsive design so your customers can easily view your information from whatever device they’re on. Your telephone number should be enabled as a Click to Call number, making tracking effective and the work on the consumer easy.
  2. Communicate your hours and special offers to your customers. Make sure your Google My Business page and social media pages are up to date (and accurate) with your schedule.
  3. Get social. Utilize your social channels to include Holiday Offers. Make a Facebook Live video showing your hottest items or holiday decorations.
  4. Encourage the post-holiday visit. We all know things are pretty quiet on Cape Cod in the winter. Why not use your holiday shoppers as a way to get customers when things are a bit slower? Give a coupon or gift card to shoppers so they return, and maybe bring a friend, down the line.
News & Events Tree-Cycle with Nauset Disposal

  Nauset Disposal is once again offering a Christmas Tree Recycling program to our customers this year. If you’re interested in having us pick up your tree after the holidays, please call our office at 508.255.1419 and we will add …

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Happy Customers

“I am not on the Cape often, I own a rental property. Nauset Disposal has serviced my summer home as well as an occasional pick up in the winter. They are always accommodating to my needs. They even let me know that my Garage door was open and called me in Florida to let me know. Not only do they take care of the trash, but they look out for my home when I am not there. Thanks Nauset, you are the best!!”

Melanie Gallagher Vero Beach, FL