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Reduce Waste this Holiday Season

Can you commit to reducing your waste this holiday season? Between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, Americans throw away a million extra tons of garbage each week, including holiday wrapping and packaging. We also use more electricity on holiday lights than some countries use in an entire year! All this waste is unnecessary. Check out these 5 Eco-Friendly tips to make your holidays a little greener.
  1. Make your own wrapping paper or go without. 🎁 Most mass-produced wrapping paper you find in stores is not recyclable because of the shiny coatings, foils and colors, and therefore ends up in the trash. Instead of store bought wrapping paper, wrap gifts in maps, scarves, newspaper or brown paper (which, without tape, is 100% recyclable!).
  2. Go with LED lights for your holiday display. 💡 LED lights use 90% less energy than conventional holiday lights and can save your family quite a bit on energy bills! They also release little heat and last much longer. A win-win!
  3. Eat + shop local, it’s better for the environment! 🍽️🛍️ Local items don’t have to travel far, so they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also benefit the local economy, supporting the people who live, work and play here.
  4. Recycle your Christmas Tree! 🌲 While your tree won’t fit in your recycling toter or bin with your cans, bottles and cardboard, Nauset Disposal will pick it up and bring it to a facility to be recycled in to mulch or wood chips. Learn more about our Tree-Cycling program here.
  5. Give experiences + support your community. 🎟️ Instead of more stuff, more plastic, more electronics, give the gift of an experience this holiday season. Tickets to the theater, annual passes to a museum, or a donation to a charity in your loved one’s name are all things you can do that will reduce waste, help you stay connected to the people you care about and support your community.