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Green Tips for Your Home this Fall

Walk around your house to ensure all windows are closed and locked. When air gets in your home through windows and doors, you are throwing away money via higher monthly energy bills. Sealing windows and cracks by using caulk to plug holes and weather stripping around drafty windows and doors will save your wallet.

Clear your yard and get those leaves out of there before the snow comes. If you let the leaves get buried, they will begin to decompose and soak up the moisture in your soil. This could turn into an insect problem or a weed problem, both of which can damage your yard.

According to FuelEconomy.gov, tests show that your gas mileage falls by anywhere from 12 to 22% in the wintertime. When the temp drops outside, your vehicle’s tire pressure is reduced and fuel efficiency goes down with it. Be sure to check your tires more frequently and inflate them to the proper level.

If Santa is good to you by bringing new electronics this holiday, remember not to toss your old ones out with the trash. Call Nauset Disposal to properly dispose of electronics or donate your old computer or cell phone to a local nonprofit organization.

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