Eat Local + In Season

Green tip of the month

Here’s an easy way for you to be a little greener {and healthier too}. If you got a late start on your garden this year, you shouldn’t worry because there are many other ways you can still eat food that is locally sourced!

Cape Cod has a plethora of Farmers Markets – there’s one every single day in the summer months. Support your local farmers by buying fresh and buying local and consider supporting markets and restaurants that source their food locally.

Next summer, consider joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) so you can get fresh, organic produce delivered to you for a great price. CSA’s are a group of members who pledge to support a farm or garden operation and become part of the “community”. By supporting local food production, you’re reducing the costs and energy that goes in to food transport, which keeps the planet greener.

Check out Buy Fresh Buy Local’s guide to farmers markets, CSA’s, eateries that use {or may even grow their own} produce and ingredients, local farms and more. 

Click here for a schedule of the daily {yes, DAILY} Farmers Markets on Cape Cod. 


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Happy Customers

“To the great folks at Nauset, Just a quick note to thank you so much for taking care of our needs and “ saving my butt” this summer. I forgot about starting the service and on Tuesday I called you and you were able to pick up SAME DAY, and if that is not enough after the renters left for the season, they put the garbage out too late, but you came by on Monday and took care of it.”

Kara Millis Very grateful- You guys are the best!!