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5 Ways You Can Go Green at the Beach this Summer

plastic litter at beachSummertime and the living is easy… But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do your part for our environment while you’re catching some rays. Here are a few quick tips on how you can go green at the beach this summer!


  1. Pack in, Pack out. Everything you take with you to the beach should leave with you. Don’t leave a mess to pollute our beautiful natural resources and endanger wildlife.
  2. Pack your food and drinks in reusable containers. Plastic bags can fly away quickly and end up in our ocean.
  3. Look for ecofriendly sunscreens made from natural ingredients and avoid ones with oxybenzone, which damages coral reefs. Keep your aerosol spray sunscreen bottles OUT of your recycling bin. These containers can explode under pressure and put workers in danger.
  4. Dunes provide habitat for plants and animals. Obey signage and stay off the dunes.
  5. Take a stroll while you’re enjoying the beach and pick up some litter. Every little bit counts.