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4 Tips on How to Enjoy a Red, White and Green 4th of July

Here are a few ways you can be a little greener over the 4th of July, and all summer long!

  1. Ditch the plastics! Use your own kitchenware or pick up some biodegradable plates and cutlery at the grocery store for just little more than the cost of the plastic stuff.
  2. Get outside! The hot weather makes it tempting to pump the Air Conditioning and “chill” inside. Don’t do it! Turn off the TV and computer and get outside to enjoy some old fashioned fun! Hit the beach, play some horseshoes, barbecue, or get out of the volleyball net. You’ll save on energy {and it will be way more fun}.
  3. Keep it green after dark! For only a few dollars, you can pick up some solar lights at the local hardware store. Once the sun goes down, resist turning on the floodlights and let the sunlight do the work.
  4. Get crafty! Rather than spending money on decorations that only come out once a year, channel your inner Martha Stewart and reuse things like newspaper or tin cans to make your own 4th of July decorations. Check out these homemade flags or red, white, and blue luminaries.