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It all starts with an idea.

We had an idea that we wanted to team up with local schools to educate and lead a successful recycling program.

We were able to team up with six schools, and were able to produce excellent education and results in our recycling efforts.

How we did.

Wellfleet Elementary School tonnage recycled- 9.907 tons

Eastham Elementary School tonnage recycled- 4.953 tons

Nauset Regional High School tonnage recycled- 25.02 tons

Stony Brook Elementary School tonnage recycled- 5.004 tons

Oak Ridge School tonnage recycled- 19.815 tons


Through education and a commitment to being on the forefront of recycling the schools were able to recycle 74.35 tons in 2012!

Generating these numbers takes dedication, and with that success is guaranteed.

Commitment as a Company

We are constantly trying to lead when it comes to recycling.

We offer discounts, when you package recycling with trash service, and constantly remind our customers of the effects recycling can have on our environment.

Our Numbers

This commitment allowed us to recycle over 365 tons in 2012!

That is over 730,000lbs going back into circulation!

What it Equates to….

5,592 Trees………….or 128,291 Gallons of Oil……….or 1,315,800 Kilowatt hours of Energy…..or 2,302,650 Gallons of Water………or 1,086 Cubic yards of landfill space!

In Conclusion

We will continue to make recycling a huge part of our companies focus.

Together we can all make a difference.

Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find. ~Quoted in Time

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Happy Customers

“BIG kudos to your driver who picked up at Eastham Cape Cod Five today! He did a remarkable job navigating our parking lot this morning. We had 2 big Eversource trucks with trailers along with a car blocking half the driveway, making backing out a challenge, but he maneuvered like a pro! Nicely done! I always like to hear positive feedback, so I thought I would pass it along.”

– Trina Brown, Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank