November 2017

Tree-Cycle with Nauset Disposal


Nauset Disposal is once again offering a Christmas Tree Recycling program to our customers this year. If you’re interested in having us pick up your tree after the holidays, please call our office at 508.255.1419 and we will add you to the schedule. The cost is $15 per tree, all trees will be taken to a recycling facility. 

Pickup schedule is as follows:
January 10th: Sandwich, Mashpee, Barnstable, Yarmouth & Dennis
January 11th: Harwich, Chatham, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham & Wellfleet

Small Biz: Handling the Holidays Like a Boss

Business owners take note. These tips are some of the best we found to make sure YOU can be found too. Hopefully you’re doing most of this already, as the holiday shopping season is almost in full swing.
  1. Customers are online – and on their phones. You should be too! Make sure your website is optimized with a responsive design so your customers can easily view your information from whatever device they’re on. Your telephone number should be enabled as a Click to Call number, making tracking effective and the work on the consumer easy.
  2. Communicate your hours and special offers to your customers. Make sure your Google My Business page and social media pages are up to date (and accurate) with your schedule.
  3. Get social. Utilize your social channels to include Holiday Offers. Make a Facebook Live video showing your hottest items or holiday decorations.
  4. Encourage the post-holiday visit. We all know things are pretty quiet on Cape Cod in the winter. Why not use your holiday shoppers as a way to get customers when things are a bit slower? Give a coupon or gift card to shoppers so they return, and maybe bring a friend, down the line.

5 Ways to Add More Green to Your Holiday Season

Looking for ways you can have a more sustainable holiday season? Here are 5 ways you can show some extra love for the environment during the holidays – and all year long! 

Lose (some of) the lights. Consider cutting back the excessive holiday showcase and reduce your energy consumption. We all love a good Christmas display, so if you must, try changing out your lights for the LED variety. LED lights use up to 90% less energy than regular holiday lights. Be sure to turn off your indoor and outdoor lighting at bedtime or put them on a timer that will remember to do it for you! 

Don’t go fake. Use a real Christmas tree – and recycle it when you’re done! Most Christmas trees are grown specifically for that purpose, so don’t beat yourself up about cutting down a tree. Many trees can also be planted after the decorations have come off. Plastic trees require petroleum to make and cannot be easily recycled when you’re done using them. They also use up resources in both manufacturing and shipping. If you’re interested in recycling your Christmas tree after the holidays, give Nauset Disposal a call at 508.255.1419. We’ll be picking up trees on January 10th and 11th based on town and we’ll recycle the tree for you for only $15 each. 

Buy local, think green. Whenever possible, try to purchase gifts locally. Many items in this day in age come from halfway around the world, and transportation of those items (think greenhouse gases and global warming) have a significant impact on the environment. Craft fairs and local shops are a great source of crafty, thoughtful gifts without the added costs of transportation, while supporting the Cape Cod community. When you make purchases locally vs. online or a big box store, significantly more of the money you spend gets cycled back into the local economy. 

Drop the batteries. Look for naturally powered toys that don’t use batteries. According to the EPA, approximately 40% of annual battery sales occur during the holiday season, and improperly discarded batteries are a hazard to our environment. Batteries are made from a variety of chemicals to power their reactions; some of these chemicals are toxic and can pollute the soil and water, as well as endanger wildlife. 

Wrap it up. Did you know that the U.S.’s use of wrapping paper equates to the loss of approximately 100,000 trees every year? There are some great alternatives to your standard wrapping options… Try wrapping a few gifts in scarves this year, reusable gift boxes or bags, fabric scraps, old calendars or maps. If you absolutely NEED to wrap gifts in paper, use environmentally friendly wrapping paper made from recycled content, and avoid buying glossy foil or metallic paper. Reuse your bows when you can – better yet, use natural items to decorate your gifts like pine cones or holly – and do your best to cut back on tape as much as you can.


December Giveaway – $25 Gift Card to Penguin’s on Main

Penguin’s on Main is a 50’s cafe in South Yarmouth featuring a variety of baked goods, ice cream, and lunch all day!

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The Real Cost of Recycling






Many people believe that disposal of recycled materials is free. Unfortunately that is a misconception. There are many costs that are associated with recycling – increased costs are a result of contamination of material, the value of recovered waste products, and import/export regulations. 

Below, we’ve compiled a few resources to help inform you of the real cost of recycling.




The reality is that recycling is impacted by global economics, technological limitations, laws and consumer awareness. While recycling is something easy that everyone can do, we need to be educated about what we are disposing of – whether it’s trash or recycling – and why. Before you throw it in your recycling bin, consider 

First: REDUCE, Second: REUSE, Third: RECYCLE.

When we are making a purchasing decision, consider these questions: Do I need it? What kind of packaging does it come in? Can I buy it used? How can I reuse this item and/or the packaging? 

Happy Customers

“Your dumpster was delivered today. Your driver was even kind enough to sweep up some trash and debris that had been accumulating under the old bin! Thank you!”


November Giveaway – 6 Prepaid Car Washes at Balise Hyannis Car Wash

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News & Events Resolve to be Green in 2018

  It’s that time of year where everyone’s making resolutions… Be more organized, save money, lose weight, travel more… But what about becoming more eco-friendly, treating the earth better, and consuming and wasting less? Now’s the time! Here are 5 …

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Happy Customers

Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to the delivery guys!! Not only did they deliver our recycling bin, but they brought it all the way up the driveway in the pouring rain!!
Way to go the extra mile!!!!!

Amanda K.