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“Your dumpster was delivered today. Your driver was even kind enough to sweep up some trash and debris that had been accumulating under the old bin! Thank you!”


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5 Easy Green Thanksgiving Tips

Holiday meal setting with turkey and side dishes

5 tips for a greener Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

November marks the beginning of the holiday season, starting off with Thanksgiving. What resembles big family dinners, lots of gift shopping and seasonal decorations, actually results in an increase of household waste by more than 25%. But we have good news for you… You can easily introduce these 5 eco-friendly changes to your Thanksgiving and decrease the waste you generate – as well as the burden on your wallet! 

  1. Food. When you’re shopping for your holiday meals, think two words: organic and local. Not only are they better for the environment, they are typically healthier and fresher, making for a tastier and more nutritious meal. Buying local strengthens the Cape Cod economy. Check out Wellfleet Preservation Hall’s Annual Harvest Market on November 19 for some good holiday dinner finds! 
  2. Calculate. At least 28 billion pounds of food is wasted each year – more than 100 pounds per person. The best way to reduce your waste this holiday is to NOT over-buy. Plan ahead and check out this list of approximate food and drink portions per person: 1 pound of turkey, 1/4 pound of stuffing, 1/4 pound of green beans, 1/4 pound of potatoes… and a partridge in a pear tree 😉 Check out this easy Thanksgiving Food Planning Calculator to help with your portion planning!
  3. Get crafty. Use materials from your cabinet or backyard to spruce up your holiday tablescape. Have the kids chip in with a pre-Turkey Day craft session! Make some acorn napkin ties, dried leaf placecards, pinecone turkeys, painted gourds or just use some pumpkins, corn cobs and gourds to create a festive fall arrangement. 
  4. Get outside. Hey, most of us are big football fans, but instead of planting yourself in front of the TV all day, consider getting outside for some fresh air with your guests. By turning off the tube and going for a walk or playing some football, you’ll be making memories with your friends and family, while also being active AND decreasing your energy consumption. 
  5. What’s left? Make sure your guests are sent home with a serving (or two) of leftovers, but before you get rid of everything you’re not going to reuse (turkey soup, anyone?!), separate your green scraps from the rest and add them to your compost bin. And of course, make sure you are recycling! Nauset Disposal’s easy single stream recycling program makes it easy for everyone – from the kids to grandpa – no sorting or searching for tiny plastic numbers! 

Trash Bash Recap 2017

What a success! Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers, customers, friends and community members who came out on Friday, October 20th to celebrate Trash Bash with us! The 2017 event was record breaking, raising more than $25,000 through sponsorships and donations. Nearly 600 people came out to enjoy a beautiful night, a great band, excellent food and company to raise funds for some very worthy local causes. Our 2017 beneficiaries were Cape Cod Cares for the Troops, Cape & Islands United Way, Center for Coastal Studies, Community Development Partnership and Wild Care. Many attendees also brought donations for the Lower Cape Outreach Council, and with their help, we dropped off a truckload of non-perishable food donations after the event. Special thanks to our sponsors and supporting restaurants – without their donations and support, this event would not be possible.


Curb Hunger 2017

We are encouraging all residential customers to place non-perishable food items by their trash toter on their scheduled day of pick up between Nov 6th-17th.

At Nauset Disposal we are proud to partner with the Family Pantry of Cape Cod to help collect donations to support those in need in our community! We will deliver donated items to the Family Pantry of Cape Cod the week before Thanksgiving in the hopes of happy holidays throughout the Cape.

Other ways to donate to:

Visit the Family Pantry Thrift Shop:
Second Glance
133 Queen Anne Rd, Harwich, MA 02645

Bring the Pantry your empty recyclable
plastic bottles and cans

Donate Online:

The Family Pantry of Cape Cod is located in Harwich and is the largest pantry on Cape Cod. The Pantry is open to anyone in need, providing both food and clothing.

October Giveaway – $25 Gift Card to Cooke’s Seafood

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Happy Customers

Is it possible to love a trash company, because you folks seriously are the best!  Fast responses, friendly service, easy to book online, etc.  I can’t say enough!

– Marta Carey, Residential Customer

Hurricane Harvey Donation

Hurricane have recently caused catastrophic damage… In continuing our dedication to our community – and beyond – Nauset Disposal is contributing to the Hurricane Relief efforts by supporting the American Red Cross.

We’re donating the cost of the first month of service for each new year-round residential customer that signs up in September to this organization. 

Sign up for service online – or – donate to the Red Cross online.

September Giveaway – $25 Gift Card to the knack

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10 Green Back to School Tips

Whether it’s work or school, here are some practical ways you can get back to the grind and be a little greener this fall — and all year long.

  1. Precycle. Cut down on on packaging waste by selecting larger or bulk items instead of individually wrapped foods. For example, cheese sticks, snack packs and individually bagged items like chips and pretzels.
  2. Shop your local farmers markets! Local food doesn’t have to travel by plane or trucks to get to you, gobbling fossil fuels along the way.
  3. Ditch the bags. Use reusable containers when packing lunches instead of plastic bags.
  4. Thirsty? Pack reusable water bottles for lunch instead of plastic disposable bottles.
  5. Pack a lunch. By packing a whole food lunch in a reusable lunch box, you’ll help reduce the amount of paper bags, food packaging and wasted food you or your child produces. 
  6. Take inventory. Before going out and buying all new school supplies, clothes and backpacks, check out what you already have and buy just what is needed.
  7. Buy green supplies. Take your child shopping for recycled, renewable school supplies.
  8. Shop Used. Check out some of Cape Cod’s thrift shops and get your clothing second hand, or organize a clothing swap with family, friends or neighbors. 
  9. Walk, ride or take the bus. If you don’t live close enough to walk to school or work, consider finding a route using the bike path or share a ride with friends! 
  10. Keep it going. These tips are great for kids heading back to school, but making personal choices that embrace a sustainable lifestyle should be in practice all year long. 

Lastly, if you’re not recycling at your home, workplace or school, please check out Nauset Disposal’s single stream recycling program. Single stream recycling makes it easy to be green — all recyclable materials can be co-mingled, so there’s no sorting necessary. 

News & Events 5 Easy Green Thanksgiving Tips

November marks the beginning of the holiday season, starting off with Thanksgiving. What resembles big family dinners, lots of gift shopping and seasonal decorations, actually results in an increase of household waste by more than 25%. But we have good …

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Happy Customers

“I wanted to compliment the driver, Nauset Disposal and their mechanic. Our driver has been great and very pleasant when he stops to pick up. I have been a builder for 38 years and never seen equipment kept so clean and well maintained in all my years dealing with trash companies.”

Skip Andres Wellfleet, MA